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Tenant Sign Up - September

It is with great pleasure that T.P Properties welcomes the four new tenants to make a home at its latest project.  Completed to time, to exceptional quality standards and on budget, a successful home life beckons for all.  With both ramped and stepped access, every reasonable request has been accommodated to attempt to ensure that these tenants spend a long and happy time here. 

The final joint planning meeting was held on site the week prior to tenant move in to, ensure full construction 'snagging', complete paperwork and refine any end point plans.  Along with a representative from T.P Properties the other attendees were the:

  • National Operations Manager for the Registered Provider (RP)
  • Maintenance and Technical Manager for the RP
  • Area Enablement Manager for the Care Provider (CP)
  • Managing Partner for the Construction Partner
  • Construction Manager for the Construction Partner

Such face-to-face meetings are seen as critical. It is necessary to conclude a project in the spirit in which it was undertaken, i.e. in true partnership, and set the scene for the next joint venture. The 'walk round' en masse creates a collective understanding and agreement of any last minute construction tasks required.  On this occasion it was agreed that the old gates could not be saved. A set of new custom sized gates were priced and ordered, though these would be hung after tenant move-in.  Having the CP on site ensured that this organisation could take the necessary risk assessment steps to maintain tenant safety during these first weeks as the gates were necessary to prevent road safety hazards.  

The front of the property had been left to last in the project build time line.  This was due to this area previously being used for construction parking, the delivering and storing of materials etc. Now the house was complete this space was freed for re-landscaping and the creation of extra parking spaces.  All present had agreed the nature of completion of this element, and the photographic evidence required by the construction partner to demonstrate to the group that these works had been completed, thus not necessitating a further trip or meeting to warrant scrutiny.  This was coupled with the withholding of the final construction payment until building end point.

The plethora of blue rooms illustrated the involvement of the tenants in defining their new home. Furniture, white goods, carpets and curtains were also in situ as arranged by the RP.  The RP and CP had completed the housing and council tax benefit applications, and had worked with the tenants to understand the tenancy agreements and have these duly signed.  It is worth re-noting that with housing benefit levels all previously agreed the process of benefit application becomes further stream lined.  In addition, professional work by the RP and CP would be looking to support the tenants with move-in practicalities and the application of any further grants or loans that may be required to help set up home.

At this final stage it is necessary to ensure the completion of all 'joint' paperwork, such as:

  • The certificate of acceptance by the RP
  • A lease
  • The understanding of what monetary amount will be held back from the construction partner until completion of all of the snagging works
  • A presenting of a 'hand over' folder to the CP to allow easy day-to-day management of the property
  • The agreement for the first date and amount of payment to T.P Properties by the RP

The CP is a necessary participant in this meeting as they need to plan for the support provision to be commenced at the right time and to the right standard.  Their agreements are not with T.P Properties but via winning a tender offered by the local Health Trust.

Such meetings are a pleasure for all involved; to see the completion of months of work offering a true community presence to those having previously been denied such rights is a joy.  For an unexpected and happy addition to the partnership delight see 'Icing On The Cake, With More Cake And Biscuits'.  

Do you need to review any of the previous stages of this project?  Easy, click here.  Should you wish to discuss this project more please feel free to contact Alex on alex.chadwick@tpproperties.co.uk; maybe we could help you next time?

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