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Initial Assessment Visit - June

A joint visit was held to our latest purchase.  All parties, including the selected local builders, assessed the now empty shell to view the already constructed architectural plans against the reality, and get a sense of the time line ahead of us.  This was now possible as the necessary insurances were place.

The clock begins to tick swiftly from purchase.  Close project management and all party liaison are essential to managing not only time and budgets, but also expectations.  As a great deal of planning had been achieved prior to this point, construction commencement would be swift, underpinned by a clear understanding of the stages of the process.

The key to successful working for T.P Properties is partnership, partnership, partnership.  From costings to carpets, all aspects of the project are transparent.  Everyone, including the tenant, their supporters, statutory services, construction agencies and assigned care providers, must be part of the venture.  Our nominated Housing Procurement Worker attended and managed the visit, collating the views, ensuring good information sharing and collective understanding.

A further key is to keep these channels of communication very clear, and constantly under scrutiny for the duration of the project.  Partnership management is our forte.  For example, as T.P Properties holds the construction budget it has been made clear that only our nominated workers could instruct any additional or variation in works, so that costs can be keenly monitored.  Simple, timely structures can make all of the difference.

Do you need to review the previous stages of this project?  Easy, click here.  Should you wish to discuss this project more please feel free to contact Alex on alex.chadwick@tpproperties.co.uk; maybe we could help you next time?

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Initial assessment meeting