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Icing On The Cake, With More Cake And Biscuits - September

It is wonderful when all partners work together to create innovative supported homes, but T.P Properties would like to thank a friend to its latest project...Bernard.

Trying to find the right property solution to meet the requirements of a supported living specification is sometimes challenging.  When T.P Properties found this house purchase opportunity it seemed to offer a tick in all of the necessary boxes and more.  Bernard was the vendor.  He and his family had built over many years a happy family home and the walls held this aura.  Bernard worked closely with T.P Properties from purchase to construction completion such was his desire for success.

Bernard understood the importance of quality supported housing.  He assisted by educating his neighbours and the locality to the realities of such an undertaking, and of its great importance.  He took interest in the stages of the construction, never forgetting a name or failing to offer a smile. To the prospective tenants on their trips to the home he welcomed them with open arms, cups of tea, cake and biscuits.

Such close working allowed T.P Properties to provide Bernard with adequate time to find his future property; he was also offered assistance with moving and the fitting of a new fire by the construction partners.

Bernard was a proud guest prior to tenant move in, as he wished to see the transformation of his happy family dwelling into a happy supported tenancy home.  Thrilled with the construction completion Bernard wished the new tenants every success.  Such was his appreciation of the works done that he offered to take T.P Properties and the construction partners out for lunch!

We at T.P Properties are proud to belong to an organisation that has at its heart the recognition of Wolfensberger's 'social role valorization' concept, working to counteract its effects.  With roots established in the days of 'normalization', T.P Properties' fight to house and improve the circumstances of the most vulnerable, and help to educate and harmonise society, has never wavered.

Bernard we thank you for all of your generous efforts, and know that you will continue to inspire others as to the importance of the supported living cause.

Do you need to review any of the previous stages of this project?  Easy, click here.  Should you wish to discuss this project more please feel free to contact Alex on alex.chadwick@tpproperties.co.uk; maybe we could help you next time?

Bernard, Alex and Construction Partners