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Construction Phase 3 Preparing For Move In - August

Following ongoing close liaison we now enter the exciting phase of construction completion, some sixteen weeks after the first shovel was first put into the ground.  Right on schedule!  An agreement was struck from project outset with the builders to work towards a move in date of the 3rd September, and in splendid fashion this has been honoured.

A slight tweak has been made to move-in to respect the need of the registered provider (RP) to commence a tenancy from a Monday, and as a bank holiday beckons this had to be accommodated.  

The new warm deck flat roof gleams, with the necessary insulation (25 year guarantee) to provide heating efficiency for the tenants; the walls and flooring provide a neutral background to suit all of the four tenants’ tastes and the furniture has been purchased.  

Being tenant centred is critical to all at T.P Properties, perhaps this comes from its roots in the care community?  Tenant satisfaction has been additionally acknowledged through the RP organising 'furniture' meetings with the tenants.  The RP, being a specialist in supported living, has ably assisted each tenant to select and purchase the key items that they require. T.P Properties appreciates that to be involved in the creation of your own living space will almost certainly add to the psychological contentment and home ownership of each tenant.  

A request was made for additional wall television mounting brackets.  Unfortunately this was declined. Whilst this appears excessively harsh, there is good reasoning behind such a decision. T.P Properties works to provide not only 'best value' but also a holistic consideration of costs prior to building construction.  A detailed analysis is undertaken of what monies are required to bring a scheme to completion.  These amounts are scrutinised by all parties, including those in the local housing benefit department.  Those in this position give an ‘in principle’ agreement to the rent level prior to build.  Any additional costs filter into the bottom line rent figure and would require re-negotiation.  T.P Properties not only strives to control costs and stick to the agreed budget, but also to reduce amounts where reasonably possible.  These cost savings are passed back to the housing benefit department, providing an opportunity for rent reduction and therefore savings to the public purse.

A series of multi-disciplinary, tenant and family meeting has been scheduled to allow for welcome, tenant move-in, tenancy sign up, and the completion of the paperwork defining the relationship with the RP in this fully repairing and insuring lease.  From the date of tenant sign up the RP is required to take control of the property and grounds.  T.P Properties’ representative will take photographs at this meeting to ensure that the finish and snagging elements are all to standard, and the hand-over quality is without question.

This project clearly demonstrates how T.P Properties insists on an excellent finish, immaculate construction and engineers future-proofed planning to ensure success for all.  Each party or person in the chain gains benefit.  Each stage is ‘best value’.  Each element can be justified and is fully costed.  Take the:

  • New flat roof: the type selected offers a guarantee for 25 years; it is easy to imagine the level of disruption that would be caused to tenants should a sub-standard one be fitted and need replacement.  
  • Ramped access to the rear of the property: this acknowledges the presumption of some degree of mobility deterioration for various tenants; should this occur the property requires no further modification.  
  • Separate 'quarters' created for one individual: it is anticipated that they would greatly prefer to live in a more isolated manner to be content.  This has been designed and created to not only acknowledge tenant desires, but also to offer a cost saving potential to the local authority by providing a hybrid version of the 'Pilling Lane' model.  

T.P Properties' longevity in the industry means that such items are considered and built in from embryonic concept - a truly holistic provision.  A 'hands off' and ethical investment, where distinct satisfaction can be gained from knowing that all will benefit.

So we await the tenants with anticipation.  Each has made private arrangements to bring their belongings to their new home; the RP with their specialist liaison skills is scheduled to offer explanation and sign up of the tenancies; the property stands shiny and future proofed to enable a long-term happy home.

Next stage...'Tenant sign-up'.  

Do you need to review any of the previous stages of this project?  Easy, click here.  Should you wish to discuss this project more please feel free to contact Alex on alex.chadwick@tpproperties.co.uk; maybe we could help you next time?

A shiny new roof to the new extension