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Construction Phase 2 Up Go The Walls - July

An update meeting was held on site to check the progress of our featured supported home.  The participants were those with a focus on the 'construction' aspects of the project.  Such regular attendance on site allows modification in good time of any aspects of concern that may have revealed themselves.

Despite the holistic nature of the planning that takes place with all the multi-disciplinary parties, not every matter will be foreseen.  This on-site meeting revealed a difficulty with a particular flat roof that had not been previously considered.  It appears that not only is this roof inadequately supported, it is also constructed from a compressed straw material called Stramet Board, that had outlived its time.  

One of the key components that has to be understood in supported housing projects is that every construction task has to be undertaken at this stage in proceedings, wherever reasonably possible.  This is because it is the aim of all steering parties to create a home that is not only fit for purpose, but will be of a quality to last for the duration of any tenant's life.  Wherever possible all building activities will be concluded during the allotted time frame, but sometimes this is extended should major problems be encountered.  Whilst it is acknowledged that this is indeed frustrating, particularly for the allocated tenants, it becomes more complicated to complete such tasks once all are in residence.

Luckily, it appears this re-roof can be accommodated within the time frames established at project outset; and the costs addressed through the 'contingency fund.'  This is mainly due to the wealth of experience of T.P Properties and its housing partners, creating reasonable project deadlines and associated budgets.

Despite this slight set back exciting changes have been made, with new walls starting to redefine the space; new stairs; new insulation to improve heat retention, and the completion of the extension to roof height.  The poor weather has not stopped progress which is a credit to the professionalism of the builders partnered.  

Next stage...A further 'build' meeting has been scheduled for the beginning of August to consider 'Construction Phase 3'.  

Do you need to review any of the previous stages of this project?  Easy, click here.  Should you wish to discuss this project more please feel free to contact Alex on alex.chadwick@tpproperties.co.uk; maybe we could help you next time?

Up go the walls!