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Construction Phase 1 Extension Foundations - June

The project is now dominated by the construction works that are required.  The building company appointed is working to an agreed time frame, which is understood by all parties with an involvement.  It is important to recognise that such diarised activities, whilst critical, are often subject to change.  With the best will in the world not all difficulties can be foreseen.  A key to positive partnership working is clear communication of any changes and a flexibility to adapt.

Weekly updates are formally given by the construction employees to T.P Properties; and to date all is well and on track.  The key focus has been the creation of the extension.  Exciting times!  Here's what has happened:

  • Former garage 'dropped'
  • New footings constructed
  • Walls in the extension rebuilt to the wall plate
  • Internally the joiners have constructed stud partitions to the ground floor creating a new bedroom and a corridor ready for reversing of the staircase
  • New staircase is being manufactured off-site

Next step...Construction Phase 2.  This is planned to include: walls emerging; roofing of the extension; completion of the warm deck flat roof with the necessary insulation (25 year guarantee); break through to the annexe, and aspects of the internal overhaul.

Do you need to review the previous stages of this project?  Easy, click here.  Should you wish to discuss this project more please feel free to contact Alex on alex.chadwick@tpproperties.co.uk; maybe we could help you next time?

Digging out the foundation