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Case History Housing Those Who Are Homeless - Meeting the need in rapid time with tenants at the centre of the approach

It is felt that this case demonstrates how it is critical to endeavour to support independence, empowering both individuals and local communities, through this reintroduction to 'mainstream' society of two persons who had struggled to build their desired foundation.

Just before Christmas T.P Properties were approached by those involved in resettlement, to find suitable accommodation for two individuals who though homeless were friends and wanted to share a home together.  The target was for this to be achieved before December 25th to allow the new tenants to have meaningful contact with their families.

One of the huge positives of T.P Properties is its ability to move extremely quickly, operating with a deliberately lean structure to prevent any bureaucratic hindrance.  Suitably trained and experienced individuals were able to meet with the concerned parties to complete an assessment of housing need, to allow identification of the best matched home.  A vacant property was found from current housing stock.  After viewing by the tenants this home was agreed to meet all required needs.  However, in order to partner with the council in this area it was mandatory to complete an accreditation application, the progress of which would usually mean that the time frame of Christmas would be exceeded.  The enjoyable aspect of this project was the means in which both T.P Properties and those involved in statutory provision cast normal timings aside and applied themselves in a rapid fashion.

The home was required to exceed the normal high standards currently adopted by the organisation, and instead achieve full 'house in multiple occupation' (HMO) levels.   HMO is an obligation that is fully understood, and was achieved in addition to a complete refurbishment within around two weeks.

It is deeply recognised that people should not fit into specific rigorous models of housing delivery. Instead, operations should be malleable enough to accommodate the very individualised circumstances a person finds themselves in.  This case typifies T.P Properties’ modus operandi, an ideology we want to deliver, have always delivered, and will continue to do so.

Complete Refurbishment